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Wink Toolkit- mobile JavaScript framework to develop mobile web apps on iPhone

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Wink Toolkit is a lightweight mobile JavaScript framework for building mobile web applications on devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry. Basically Wink stand for “Webapp Innovation Kit” which use simple web technology such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript to develop mobile web application.

Wink Toolkit mobile framework

It’s specially designed to fulfilled the all needs of mobile development environment such as toolkit’s core offers all the basic functionalities of a JavaScript framework: from touch event handling to DOM manipulation objects or asynchronous HTTP requests.

Additionally, The UI components of the framework offered various option to improve the look and feel of a web app, or simply to experiment with new user interactions such as Gesture recognition, HTML5 features like geolocation or local storage, multi-touch events and many others are also part of the Wink Toolkit. The project is mainly concentrate on iOS (iPhone) and Android platforms.

Download : Wink Toolkit – Mobile javascript framework

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