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iCalamus- New desktop publishing (DTP) software for Mac OS X

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The recent innovation in the fields of DTP – ‘iCalamus’, is of great software useful when it comes to magazine, books of journals publishing. Supported by Mac OS X, this tool can do several complicated tasks of desktop publishing with great ease.

iCalamus can be used to create beautiful posters, classroom presentation or designer magazines. With this handy tool, you can design a poster or can help your kids in their projects too. From defined measurements to various shapes and sizes of frames, iCalamus is a one-stop shop to fulfill all your needs related to desktop publishing.

iCalamus dtp

The desktop publishing solution “iCalamus” supported by Mac OS X is quite user-friendly. It can import all the PDF documents, text formats and images and process it according to your need. You can even process images imported from the Internet, scanners, digital cameras, iPhoto libraries, etc. Moreover, you can use this tool in the language of your choice, as it has multi-lingual options.

Here, you can choose single or double page mode while editing, and can define the page layout. The RGB/ CYMK color mode helps in color gradation and the user gets a vast palette of colors to choose from for editing. No need to struggle with multiple buttons, as you can also get ‘Drag and drop’ support with iCalamus. After editing, you can get the output in printed form or as a PDF file.

Features of iCalamus

  1. Photographer book- The tool (iCalamus) includes a plug-in known as Photographer book, which helps you in designing and typesetting photobooks from your digital images. You can also import images from iPhoto and can design them according to your choice.
  2. Multiple virtual copies- iCalamus helps in copying multiple virtual copies from the original/source copy. Even if you like to make a change, you can simply change one of these copies and the rest copies will automatically change.
  3. Web page placing and updating- With this magic tool- iCalamus, you can now keep web pages in your document and can update it as well.
  4. Editing with different frame shapes- With iCalamus, frame editing has been made easiest. Now you can easily mould the frames according to your choice and can give a full liberty to apply your creative sense. There is a triangle sign on ever object placed, which, while clicked, opens and closes the frames to provide the frame your desired shape.
  5. Masking- ICalamus offers various masking effects to choose from, which you can apply on your image easily. Masking means modifying a small part of the illustration or image while keeping the rest intact. You can also design vector masks and create tracer text wrap paths using ‘Create Opacity based Outline’ function provided in iCalamus.
  6. Transparent illustrations- From simple texts to multicolored images to lines and frames, every object can be made transparent with effects. You can use these illustrations as a watermark and can make them the background design for your text.
  7. Customized mode blending for frames- You can customize the blends of an illustration as per your choice without harming the base image. This may include color modification or inversed color scheme applying. In this way, you can add a dramatic effect to your image.

Download : iCalamus

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