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Pinterest style User Interface for Google+ [How-to]

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Pinterest is a popular pinboard style social photo sharing website where user can organize their favorite images, videos and other projects into beautiful theme based virtual pinboard. User can easily browse other user’s virtual pinboard, Re-pin it there collections into your pinboard and also easily share them on Facebook and twitter.

If you’re Pinterest lover and want to experience the pinterest style user experience on your Google+ Account , Here Simple browser hack that convert all your Google+ post stream and UI into pinterest style User interface.

Browse Google+ Like It’s Pinterest

To start browsing Google+ in a Pinterest-like user experience, go to here and Install Google+ Pinterest Userscript.

install Google+ Pinterest Pinterest style User Interface for Google+ [How-to]

it will ask permission to add Google Chrome Extension “Google+ Pinterest for the New UI” ?

Add Google+ Pinterest extension Pinterest style User Interface for Google+ [How-to]

Give them permission to add Chrome extension on your Browser. it will automatically notify you about successfully Added extension to your Browser.

confirmation of Google+ Pinterest Pinterest style User Interface for Google+ [How-to]

Now Login to your Google+ Account and Chrome Add-on will automatically transform all your Google+ Post Stream into Pinterest style user interface.

Google+ Pinterest Pinterest style User Interface for Google+ [How-to]

Features of Pinterest style User Interface for Google+

  1. As per your Screen Width, Userscript automatically create at least 2 Column on your screen. if your screen width and resolution is smaller then 1024×768, the Posts will be “compressed” into a smaller size to fit the screen width.
  2. Support screen resolution larger than 1024×768 (including 1920×1080, 1600×900 etc.)
  3. When you mouse hover on your Post more then 2 second, it will automatically lock the position for temporary. which help you to comment on it or read it.
  4. Manually decide how many column you required, just open a page of plus.Google.com and then you will need to type “javascript:localStorage[‘GPinterest_peferColumn’]=3” in the address bar. Then press Enter and refresh the page.
  5. The white navigation bar is hidden by default, to save space. Move your mouse to the black bar and stay for 2 seconds, the white bar will reveal itself.
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