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Top 10 Augmented Reality iPhone Apps for Education

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The words Augmented Reality means enhanced or improved reality. It simply provides you with a better perspective of the world around you. With emerging smart phones in the market, now it is possible to see and experience a whole new world around you which earlier seemed not to exist at all.

Augmented Reality iPhone Apps for Education

With the invention of Augmented Reality, now there are limitless possibilities ranging from sports, games, applications, technology as well as to education. Today, we are going to introduce 10 such augmented reality apps present in Apple devices that will surely make your life more interesting and meaningful.

  1. Word Lens

    Word Lens - Augmented Reality iPhone Apps

    With this incredible app provided by Apple, now it is possible to see the world around you in whatever language you want. This application helps you to instantly translate the printed words. These printed words will be translated using the built- in camera which has been specially included so as to provide you with that ultimate experience with your iPhone. And the better part is that this translation is done in the real time. However, special language packs are to be purchased in order to use this app. – Word Lens

  2. Zoo Burst

    Zoo Burst - Augmented Reality iPhone Apps for Education

    Ever thought about creating your own pop- out books? Well, it is now possible with Zoo Burst digital story telling tool from Apple. Zoo Burst gives you the chance to make your own 3D pop- up books. Now you can see your stories while on the go and create a whole gallery of your work. Moreover, there is a Zoo Burst community as well that showcases some of the best stories created by its members. – ZooBurst

  3. Layar

    Layar - Augmented Reality iPhone Apps for Education

    Printing was never this fun before. With this new augmented reality app called Layar, now it is possible to scan your pictures, magazines, posters, newspapers as well as other products, hence giving them an enhanced look. Layar makes printing fun by introducing a whole new range of interacting elements that can be used to enhance your printing experience. Apart from printing, you can also share your stuff with others; see the video version of your favorite magazine in real time. What else can one ask for, right? – Layar

  4. Daqri for iPhone

    Daqri for iPhone

    Using the Daqri app, now you can take your world to a whole new 4D augmented real space. It serves as a portal in bringing this amazing transmission. You can now interact with digital content spatially. Images, videos, places, objects as well as other contents and experiences can now be brought into the 4D enabled worlds. Understanding the world around us could have never got this interesting. Apart from these, the internet experience gets incredibly enhanced with this 4D approach. – Daqri for iphone

  5. Fetch! Lunch Rush

    In this one of a kind game developed by Ruff Ruffman of the FETCH TV series, you need to lend a helping hand to Ruff in order to keep up with the lunch order for his crew. He is making a movie and is in great need of help. This is a multi-player game and all you need to do is to keep track of the number of sushi that every member of the crew needs for lunch. This is fun game that is surely going to keep you glued to your Apple devices. – Fetch! Lunch Rush!

  6. Acrossair

    Acrossair Augmented Reality Browser

    This augmented reality browser will be the best navigator for you, helping you in finding the best nearest location as well as places of your interest. This app helps to keep you up to date with events and happenings taking place around you. This is a personalized tool that will help you to get to your destination faster with the help of extended features such as accessing pictures from Panaromia as well as Flickr. You can also have direct access to twitter and Wikipedia so you will be updated about your nearest coffee shop and cinema in no time. – Acrossair Augmented Reality Browser

  7. WorkSnug Pro

    WorkSnug Pro - Augmented Reality iPhone Apps for Education

    WorkSnug Pro is a great augmented reality tool for all the mobile workers out there. Now it is possible to connect to the best as well as nearest location where you can get your work done in and around your city. This reality app also makes use of the map view so that you can have a better knowledge about the location through your iPhone 3G as well as iPod touch devices. Places of work such as coffee shops, restaurants, libraries and a lot more can be reviewed using this app, including the minor details such as quality of coffee, Wi-Fi functioning, provisions of power and a lot more. – WorkSnug Pro

  8. Google Sky Map

    Google Sky Map - Augmented Reality iPhone Apps for Education

    With Sky Map augmented reality app from Google, now you can turn your iPhone or iPAD screen into a night sky window. This is one of the best augmented reality apps ever introduced till date. All you need to do is point the screen of your Apple device towards the sky and the Sky Map will tell you about what you are currently looking at. Locating heavenly bodies such as constellations, stars, moon, planets, meteoroids as well as galaxies was never this easy as well as interesting, that too without making any efforts. However, due to the lack of compass, Sky Map is not supported in iPod Touch. – Google Sky Map

  9. Virtual Graffiti

    Virtual Graffiti - Augmented Reality iPhone Apps for Education

    Virtual Graffiti is the best app for you to bring out your creative side. You can now add that extra spice into your lives with this amazing augmented reality app. All you need to do is simply click a picture, add your thoughts and designs and then upload it on to the Virtual Graffiti servers. The world will know about your graffiti since your location will be added along with your creation. – Virtual Graffiti

  10. Theodolite for iPhone

    Theodolite for iPhone

    Theodolite augmented reality app works as a multi- function compass, zoom camera, map, 2 axis inclinometer, rangefinder as well as GPS. Theodolite provides real time information about the locations such as altitude, range, longitude, position, bearing and inclination like an electronic viewfinder on your iPhone and iPod Touch devices. This app offers endless uses in adventurous trips of all kinds. This app works best on any iPhone and iPod Touch device that comes with camera. – Theodolite

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