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Best iPhone Data Traffic Monitor Apps

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4 Best iPhone Data Traffic Monitor Apps

Technology has evolved to the point that it could either be used in a way to change one person’s life in a positive way or a negative manner. Apple Inc is not the first smartphone manufacturer, who changed the user’s prospective about the smartphone. However, the biggest change came when internet became cheaper. Obviously, there has always been a data cap.

Nothing can be more weird than the high bills by your mobile service provider, knocking at your door. It has happened with me already and I hope that you are also with me in this queue. If this scares you from selecting the limited data plans and compels you to go with the unlimited data plans, although you don’t need them, then believe me, you are wasting a huge money just because of your unawareness from the apps that can help you to monitor your data.

Yeah, you read it right. There are many apps that monitor the data usage and keep you in the limit allotted by your mobile carrier. In this article, I am going to write about the iPhone apps only. So let’s have a look at the best iPhone apps to monitor your data usage. Kindly have a look and leave a comment if you have any suggestion to make.

Top 4 iOS Data Monitoring Apps

  1. Data Usage

    Data Usage 5 Best iPhone Data Traffic Monitor Apps

    Just download and run this app in the background of your iOS device and forget about the weird situation of crossing the data limit. This app records the data usage and notifies you, when you are near to the maximum allowed data. You can manually check the used data at any time and can also see the data report in daily or 7 days format. The graphical representation of your data usage makes it easy for you to track the data used by you. – Data Usage

  2. My Data Manager

    My Data Manager 5 Best iPhone Data Traffic Monitor Apps

    Being an iOS device owner, it’s quite obvious that you must have downloaded many apps on it. Well, many apps keep using the data even when they are not in use. The secret data usage by such apps results in surprise bills for which you claim the service provider to be at fault. My Data Usage keeps track of data in an effective way and even tracks the data used by a particular app. This helps you in deleting the apps which are not in use, but are eating up your important internet data. – My Data Manager

  3. Data Monitor

    Data Monitor 5 Best iPhone Data Traffic Monitor Apps

    Data Monitor iphone data traffic monitor app

    If you don’t want to enter into the world of complexity just as to track your data, you can go with the Data Monitor app. This app comes with a simple and intuitive user interface. You can use this app to keep the live internet data usage and data usage over Wi-Fi network as well. You can even set the alarms to receive the notifications when you touch any specific data usage. – Data Monitor

  4. Onavo Extend

    Onavo Extend 5 Best iPhone Data Traffic Monitor Apps

    This one is something special with a special feature of compressing the data. Along with tracking the data use, this app also compresses the data and thus enables you to make most out of your data plan. The detailed report can be accessed at any time in the tabular and graphical form. – Onavo Extend – Data Usage

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