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Top 6 Health Related iPhone Apps

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Apple’s iPhone is the gadget which needs no introduction at all. The revolutionary technology in the Smartphone segment debuted in 2008 and it changed the way look at mobile devices. iPhone is the most selling smartphone all over the world so far.

It is the availability of millions of apps related several categories make the iPhone to hold this honor tag. Users can easily download apps from the iTunes store. It in fact will let you also update apps automatically. Today, we will discuss some of the prominent health related iPhone apps.

If you are health conscious than iPhone has got many apps for you as well. There is a large rush of the health related app in the iTunes. All apps offer you different features to avail space for them on your iPhone. But instead of trying each and every applications available in the iTunes store, we took burden to test them out for our beloved readers. So only go with the best. In this post I am going to write about the best health related apps for iPhone. So let’s have a look.

  1. Run Keeper

    RunKeeper Top 6 Health Related iPhone Apps

    RunKeeper Health Related iPhone Apps

    With lots of great features and great concept, this one is probably the best health related iPhone Apps . Run keeper helps you keep the track of your daily run stats. Once your activity is completed this app saves all the data on its official site and then you can easily access your data anytime you want. This app is the best one to get maximum results from your daily hard work of jogging.

  2. SparkPeople Diet & Food Tracker

    SparkPeople Diet & Food Tracker Top 6 Health Related iPhone Apps

    SparkPeople Diet & Food Tracker apps Top 6 Health Related iPhone Apps

    If you are on diet then SparkPeople Diet & Food Tracker can work as the best assistant for you. This app can suggest you the best diet plans for you and also tell you which food contains more calories and is thus good for you or not. SparkPeople Diet & Food Tracker can suggest you the best food and body stats for you. You can set the alerts related to food in this app.

  3. GAIN Fitness

    GAIN Fitness Top 6 Health Related iPhone Apps

    GAIN Fitness apps Top 6 Health Related iPhone Apps

    If you want to create custom workout plans for you then GAIN Fitness iPhone app is best option for you. It create custom workout plans whenever you want to get more out of your workouts in less time. But once you created the plans then this app will not let you to go away from your schedule. It will alert you if you are not following your own made custom workout plan. So if you are lazy enough to keep remember your plans then this app can surely solve your problem.

  4. Ab Workouts+

    Ab Workouts Top 6 Health Related iPhone Apps

    Ab Workouts+ is a best iPhone apps for stomach related exercises. It will assist you in almost 32 stomach exercises and with every update of the app some new exercises added into it. This app is best for those who want to make their stomach attractive.

  5. Lose It!

    Lose It! Top 6 Health Related iPhone Apps

    Lose It! Top 6 Health Related iPhone Apps

    Do you have calorie plan for your health but not able to follow it? Then Lose It! iPhone app needs to be there on your iPhone. You can set the calorie budget in this app and then Lose It! will assist you in achieving your goal. So by eating low calories food, you can stay fit and lost your over weight.

  6. Fooducate

    Fooducate health apps Top 6 Health Related iPhone Apps

    Fooducate Top 6 Health Related iPhone Apps

    Fooducate iPhone Apps is a best iPhone apps for Health & Fitness category. user can easily scan a product barcode, search for products, or browse by categories and choose their healthy groceries over 200,000 unique UPCs. it give you both pros and cons about products. the App is specially designed by popular dietitians and concerned parents.

Have you tried any other health related iPhone app on your device? Health conscious person will definitely find this list fascinating.

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This is a guest post written by Ricky Shah, a tech blogger from India who writes at Geniusgeeks.com. Follow his latest post  – Amazing list of iPhone 3D games. Kindly have a look and leave a comment if you have any suggestion to make.

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