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iSpreadsheet – iPhone mobile spreadsheet

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iSpreadsheet by Savy Soda is a mobile spreadsheet with plenty of features and tool to provide the user a facility to calculate, save data and access it whenever needed without any painstaking. The application is compatible with many prominent spreadsheets like Google Docs, Numbers, Excel, and Open Office.

iSpreadsheet - iPhone mobile spreadsheet

iSpreadsheet by Savy Soda is a very useful yet light application that enables the user to take their spreadsheet anywhere and can access them remotely. This fully featured spreadsheet application is compatible with a few of the nature spreadsheet applications like Google Docs, Numbers, Excel, and Open Office.

The application enables easy access of documents offline or online. The application has some prominent features like Google Doc sync integration, Portrait as well as Wide screen landscape display clean and clear graphics etc. The application can create and save the spreadsheet document in almost any excel format.

Users can customize and design the spreadsheets as per their preference. The tool in this application can be operated with a similar tab on the keyboard button added to that this application is easy to download and install and is a freeware.

Features of iSpreadsheet

  1. Handy application for iPhone- iSpreadsheet is a handy application which is easy to use and can be carried anywhere and everywhere.
  2. Compatible with other spreadsheet application- The application is Compatible with plenty of other major spreadsheet applications like Google Docs, Numbers, Excel, and Open Office.
  3. Google document integration- Google document integration feature helps in managing offline as well as online spreadsheets.
  4. Easy to email and share spreadsheets- The spreadsheet can be emailed and shared with friends and community.
  5. Wide screen landscape or portrait display- The application can be displayed in two major types-Wide screen landscape and portrait. The users can choose between these two views as per their convenience.
  6. Can be saved in any format- The spreadsheet created using this application can be saved in any excel format as per the preference of the users.
  7. Can handle unlimited rows and file size- The application, iSpreadsheet, can handle a file of unlimited size, with unlimited rows and up to 26 columns cell.
  8. Free recovery of spreadsheet- With this application there is very less chance to loose a file or document, whether saved or unsaved. Using the auto saved and recovery tools any saved or unsaved spreadsheet can be easily displayed.
  9. Direct editing- iSpreadsheeet let the users to make change in any cell directly with the tapping of a button.
  10. Manages and executes multiple spreadsheet at one go- The spreadsheet application manages and executes plenty of spreadsheets at one go.
  11. Easily solves complex arithmetic and logical formulas- iSpreadsheets easily solves any complex logical or arithmetic sums without any hassle.
  12. Easy to resize the clipboard- The application helps to resizing the clipboard quite efficiently and easily.
  13. Drag and drop operation- iSpreadsheet has a very user friendly interface and the user can access any tool or feature by simply clicking, dragging and dropping.

iSpreadsheet is a very light application and helps the iPhone users to carry their own spreadsheet, save and access data, and solve any complex sum, remote from anywhere and everywhere. Its just like carrying and excel application within your iPhone.

Download : iSpreadsheet mobile Spreadsheet for iPhone

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