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Best Mobile video players for iPhone

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Video players are software that can be used to play files such as audio, video as well as animation on your laptops as well as mobile phones. What can be more appealing than having special video players for your iPhone ? Here we are going to introduce the 10 best video players most compatible as well as suitable for your iPhone.

  1. PlayerXtreme HD

    PlayerXtreme HD - Best Mobile video players for iPhone

    PlayerXtreme is an incredible video player worthy enough for your Apple devices such as iPhone as well as iPad. Now it is possible to watch your favorite videos on the go. All those videos which are in different formats or which normally do not synchronize with your Apple devices, can be easily played using this one of a kind video player. There is no longer the need to convert your videos into the device compatible format. Simply download PlayerXtreme HD video player and you are just a click away from watching your videos as well as transferring your videos from one device to another. – PlayerXtreme HD

  2. GoodPlayer

    GoodPlayer - Best Mobile video players for iPhone

    With the new GoodPlayer video player, now there is no need to convert your files from one format to another. This sophisticated player is capable of playing files belonging to a variety of formats. Some of these formats are AVI, Xvid, Divx, DAT,VOB,FLV,WMV ,MKV,MP4,RM,RMVB,HTTP,HTTPS,FTP,RTSP,MMS,SFTP,SMB,MMSH,MMST,RTP,UPnP and UDP. It is compatible with all iOS devices. All you need to do is just transfer the file on to your Apple device using the iTunes file sharing or via Wi-Fi and simply play the file. There is no need for any kind of conversion or sync. GoodPlayer is a combination of features such as Movie Player + Streaming Media Player + Downloader. Downloading videos and watching them was never this simple. – GoodPlayer

  3. OPlayer Lite

    OPlayer Lite - Mobile video players for iPhone

    OPlayer Lite is another spontaneous as well as incredible video player for iPhone and iPad. This player is capable of boosting the media capabilities of your Apple devices. Streaming videos as well as audio over the internet is also possible using OPlayer Lite. This video player supports almost every file format. USB sync is also possible for faster downloading of your movies into your iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad. Apart from supporting almost every movie file format, OPlayer Lite also supports almost every audio as well as subtitle file extensions. – OPlayer Lite

  4. RockPlayer 2

    RockPlayer - Best Mobile video players for iPhone

    RockPlayer 2 is a multiple format video player for iPhone. Some of the features which make this player stand out among its competitors are gesture control, AirPlay, audio track selecting, customizable play control bar, Rockshare file sharing, srt subtitle and a lot more. Like seen in the case of other video players here, RockPlayer 2 is also capable of playing files belonging to a variety of formats for video, music, subtitles as well as lossless audio. Files can be imported into your iOS devices through iTunes, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) as well as WebDAV. Another peculiar feature of RockPlayer 2 is that files can be exchanged over Wi-Fi, while Cross operating system transfer is also possible. – RockPlayer2

  5. Air Playit

    Air Playit - Best Mobile video players for iPhone

    Air Playit is a video player that can be used in streaming videos as well as music into your Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad as well as iPod Touch. Now you can have access to your favorite music as well as video library at anytime from everywhere. It is basically a video playing and streaming app. Using Air Playit video player, you can play as well as stream 320 different audio and video formats on your iPhone via Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G networks. it allows you to watch your collection while on the go and acts as your personal audio video cloud player and server.Air Playit

  6. VLC Media Player

    VLC for iPhone - Best Mobile video players for iPhone

    VLC Media Player is a huge brand in itself. Now this improved VLC Media Player for iPhone is a completely new addition to this family of video players. It can be used to play both video as well as audio files. Without the need for any conversion, you can watch your favorite movies and audio files in your iPhone. Also, VLC player for iOS devices is free of cost and open source. – VLC for iPhone

  7. CineXPlayer

    CineXPlayer - Best Mobile video players for iPhone

    CineXPlayer is a very powerful movie playing app for iPhone. Now you can watch and save your favorite videos and movies on the go without an internet connection, it’s an perfect solution for those people who need some relaxing entertainment while in transit. it is best way to view, store, and manage your digital film library. Simply download this video player and you are ready to watch and share your files without the primary need for any conversion. CineXPlayer was specially designed for the iPad users to enable them to share, view and store and manage their film library. – CineXPlayer

  8. ProPlayer

    proplayer - Best Mobile video players for iPhone

    ProPlayer is an enhanced video player specially created for your Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad as well as iPod touch. This specific video player adds a lot of new and exciting features into your iOS devices. It is a very powerful app that supports almost every file format. It also supports both internal as well as external subtitles. Additionally, multitasking is also possible using this video player. You can now play the audio of a video in the background while doing some other work in your device’s work area. This tool comes with features such as password protection and folders. – ProPlayer for iPhone

  9. 8Player for iPhone

    8player for iPhone - Best Mobile video players for iPhone

    8 Player is the latest addition to the family of video players that can stream videos, music and photos from any compatible server. It enables you to view your media on your iOS device. 8 Player can also be used as a remote control for your DLNA compatible players. This video player is user friendly as well as provides regular updates to its users. Some extraordinary features may be visual effects, variety of styles as well as active backgrounds. – 8player for iPhone

  10. YX Player

    Yxplayer for iphone

    Yxplayer - Best Mobile video players for iPhone

    The last video player that has made it to our list is the YX Player. It is a very powerful media player that can play files of any format. There is no need to convert these media files into any particular format. This player supports Dropbox, Box.net and Google Docs services. It supports Network TV via MMS and M3U8. – Yxplayer

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