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Top 10 FM Radio Apps for iPhone 5

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With great music quality and ability to store a huge amount of music data in it, iPhone has become favorite portable music player for many. As you know, we can store thousands of songs in iPhone but sometimes, it may happen that we forget to get the favorite song with us during travel.

Well, it’s the worst situation that can happen with one and I have suffered from it already. But what if you have unlimited music tracks with you always, wherever you go? A cool idea indeed. Isn’t it? Radio is the way to make happen actually.

Not only the music, you can stay in touch with the latest happenings around you via Radio stations. There are thousand of apps in the iTunes which let you to enjoy the various radio stations with ease. I have shortlisted the ten best radio apps for iPhone. Let’s see which these are.

  1. AOL Radio

    AOL Radio

    AOL Radio apps for iphone

    AOL Radio apps offer you more then 150 radio stations which don’t let you to get bored. The radio stations include the stations for music, news, sports etc. If you don’t want to listen any particular song, then you can simply skip it. Moreover, you can tag your favorite music tracks so that you can buy them later on. – AOL Radio

  2. Grace Digital Radio

    Grace Digital Radio

    Grace Digital Radio Apps

    With access to over 50,000 radio stations, it gives you a wide approach to your favorite music tracks over the air. These radio stations include the news, songs and sports channels. Moreover, some stations also provide you access to live streaming of any event going on, nearby you. The news channel contain the channels like BBS, NPR. – Grace Digital Radio

  3. Pandora Radio

    Radio Apps for iPhone - Pandora Radio

    Pandora Radio for iphone

    This is something different as it does not broadcast the radio stations, instead it lets you to play you own radio station. Just enter the artist name that you like the most and Pandora will pull the songs of that artist. You can also provide your feedback to any particular song as it helps Pandora to improve the list of songs. – Pandora Radio Apps for iPhone

  4. Slacker – Radio Apps for iPhone

    Slacker Radio - Radio Apps for iPhone

    Radio Apps for iPhone - Slacker Radio

    If you want to enjoy the Pandora like service and other radio stations at single instant, then Slacker Radio apps is for you. It lets you to play the 150 radio stations or you can also create your own radio station by just entering the name of artist. This is a good app as sometimes you may like to listen to pre-programmed radio stations or sometimes, of your own. – Slacker Radio Apps for iPhone

  5. TuneIn Radio

    TuneIn Radio apps for iPhone

    TuneIn Radio - Radio apps for iPhone

    Don’t limit your fun by listening to broadcast songs only. Use the TuneIn Radio app to record the songs that you are hearing from over the 40,000 radio stations to which you get access, using this app. By recording the songs, you can play them anytime, without the need of Internet connection. – TuneIn Radio Apps for iPhone

  6. HiDef Radio

    HiDef Radio Apps for iPhone

    HiDef Radio App for iPhone

    This is a versatile radio app that lets you to enjoy all types of radio stations like news, sports, music comedy etc. The free version does not support the background play, but the Pro one does, for which you need to pay a little amount. – HiDef Radio

  7. Alarm Clock Radio Free

    Alarm Clock Radio Free

    Alarm Clock Radio apps for iPhone

    Everybody hopes for more and if you also do, then Alarm Clock free Radio app is for you. Along with providing access to over 30,000 radio stations, song recording, it also provides the in-built alarm clock. So don’t need to depend on the default alarm clock of your iPhone or to download any extra alarm app. – Alarm Clock Radio Free

  8. Last.fm for iPhone

    Last.fm for iPhone  - Radio Apps for iPhone

    last-fm Radio Apps for iPhone

    It works as same as Slacker Radio App. Just enter the name of artist, you want to listen to. This app will bring all the songs of that artist and will list them on the basis of feedback of other users. You can also provide your feedback for a particular song to help the Last.fm. – Last.fm – Radio Apps for iPhone

  9. Pocket Tunes

    Pocket Tunes Radio Apps for iPhone

    Play any out of the list of over 40,000 radio stations or create your own station. Record your favorite song and play it, whenever you want, wherever you want.  – Pocket Tunes Radio Apps for iPhone

  10. Public Radio Player

    Public Radio Player - Radio Apps for iPhone

    Simple but really effective. Because of its simple user interface, this app provides a fast access to thousands of radio stations. – Public Radio Player

Radio apps add more up in your fun, that you can have with your iPhone. If you are not using any of above radio app, then you are missing a hell lot entertainment, that your iPhone can provide to you. So what are you waiting for? Just use any app and share your experience with us via the comments below.

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This is a guest post written by Ricky Shah, a tech blogger from India who writes at geniusgeeks.com. Would you like to explore more amazing Music player for Mac. Head over to geniusgeeks.com to follow his latest post.
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