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5 Best wifi apps for iPhone

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When ever you’re outstation, you might need to access your email account or simply search the web for any query but you don’t know where is the closest Wi-Fi hotspot is available so you can stay online more effectively. Here 5 Best wifi apps for iPhone to stay online more effectively.

  1. Auto Wi-Fi Lite for iPhone

    AutoWiFi Lite for iPhone 5 best wifi apps for iPhone

    Auto Wi-Fi Lite is a free version of Auto Wi-Fi. it’s a WiFi detection App for iPhone that store all your information like Username and password and automatically detect the Wi-Fi hotspot and keep you connected with Wi-Fi networks as you use all the time. No need to open web browser every time to get connected with Wi-Fi networks. AutoWiFi Lite

  2. Free Wi-Fi Finder for iPhone

    Free Wi-Fi Finder for iPhone 5 Best wifi apps for iPhone

    Free Wi-Fi Finder is a IPhone App that instantly search free and Paid WiFi hotspots wherever you go online or Offline. it use your iPhone’s GPS and network triangulation capabilities to locate free WiFi Internet access. also user can filter their Wi-Fi hotspot search result, Map view and location Type like Cafe, Library etc.. – Free WiFi Finder

  3. WifiTrak for iPhone

    WifiTrak for iPhone 5 Best wifi apps for iPhone

    WifiTrak is a free WiFi tracking app for iPhone that help you to find free WiFi hotspot and public access points quickly and easily. it track each and every Wi-Fi hotspot near to you and test them for Usability then after it give you a list of the WiFi networks sorted from most useable to least usable. When it find suitable WiFI hotspots it will automatically notify you and launch the browser or Mail. – WifiTrak

  4. Pocket WiFi Radar for iPhone

    Pocket WiFi Radar for iPhone 5 Best wifi apps for iPhone

    Pocket WiFi Radar help you to connect open and free Wi-Fi hotspot and wireless access points near to you with a single mouse click. it’s an ideal wifi apps for iphone for frequent travelers and mobile professionals. it will automatically search for open WiFi hotspot, when it find it will notify you in a cool animated radar screen. – Pocket WiFi Radar

  5. WiFiGet for iPhone

    WiFiGet for iPhone 5 Best wifi apps for iPhone

    WiFiGet is a powerful yet simple WiFi Hotspot Finder and LAN Scanner App for iPhone. With WiFiGet user can search for Wifi hotspot near to you or any given address. it give you daily updated online directory which totally based on User inputs such as when you find new WiFi hotspot near to you. you can submit them to thus directory by using the ‘Add Hotspot’ function. – WiFiGet

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