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gMap – Google Maps Plugin for jQuery

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gMap is a lightweight (only 2 KB) jQuery plugin that allow you to easily integrate Google Maps into any website. you can easily embed gMap on your website with tiny line of code.

$(“#map”) .gMap();

gMap is a very flexible and highly customizable. it show you simple map with controls and adds one marker. The viewport gets centered automatically. There are a two requirements you need to meet before you can use gMap to display Google Maps on your website. First you need to sign up for a Google Maps API key. Second you need the jQuery library at least in version 1.3.

gMap - Google Maps Plugin for jQuery

gMap can be customized in many different ways. All you need to do is to pass a JSON object to the GMap() function. Here is a complete list of properties that can be passed. Items with no default value are mandatory.

  • latitude / longitude
  • Default zoom Level
  • markers
  • mapping controls on/off

Website: http://gmap.nurtext.de/
Demo: http://gmap.nurtext.de/examples.html
Download: http://gmap.nurtext.de/download.html

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