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10 useful personal information manager (free pim software)

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A personal information manager (PIM) is also knows as personal organizer or planners, which allows you to keep all your personal information in electronic form. All your appointments, reminders, tasks, to do lists, notes, contacts and email messages are stored in a graphical and easily accessible form.

you can plan and organize your schedules and keep track of upcoming events, meetings, appointments, birthdays, anniversaries, TV programs, etc.  Some PIM software allow you to synchronize your data with another PIM software over a computer network, including mobile ad-hoc networks, or MANETs.

This feature usually does not allow for continuous, concurrent real time data updates, but rather enables point-in-time updating between different computers, including desktop computers, laptop computers, and personal digital assistants. So if you are looking for some useful free personal information managers (free pim software) then you are coming to right place. Here is 10 Useful free personal information managers.

  1. Chandler

    Chandler is a free and open source personal information manager also known as a “Note-to-Self Organizer” specially designed for personal and small-group task management and calendaring. it’s a free software written in a mixture of Python and C-based extensions and released under the Apache License.

    Chandler 10 useful personal information manager (free pim software)

    The software come with a cross-platform Chandler desktop application (Windows, Mac OS X and Linux), the Chandler Hub Sharing Service, Chandler Server, Chandler Quick Entry for iPhone, Chandler Quick Entry for Android, Chandler Preview manages Notes, Messages and Events.

  2. Evolution – Contact manager, address manager and calendar for Gnome

    Evolution PIM application 10 useful personal information manager (free pim software) Evolution is an Outlook clone for Linux that provides integrated e-mail, address book, task list management and calendaring functionality to users of the GNOME desktop. It has Microsoft Outlook style User interface and functionality. features include : iCalendar support, full-text indexing of all incoming mail, powerful email filters writable in Scheme and a “Search Folders” feature.

  3. OpenIRIS – Java based Semantic Desktop wrapper

    OpenIRIS 10 useful personal information manager (free pim software)

    openIRIS is an open source version of IRIS, a semantic desktop application framework that enables users to create a “personal map” across their office-related information objects. It include a machine-learning platform to help automate this process and provide “dashboard” views, contextual navigation, and relationship-based structure across an extensible suite of office applications, including a calendar, web and file browser, e-mail client, and instant messaging client.

  4. Org-mode

    org-mode 10 useful personal information manager (free pim software) Org-mode is an simple editing mode for keeping notes, maintaining TODO lists, and doing project planning with a fast and effective plain-text system. Org-mode is a simple outliner for note-taking and list management. it is implemented on top of outline-mode, which makes it possible to keep the content of large files well structured. It can even publish reports charting your work for your personal web page, your conscience, or your soon-to-be-impressed boss.

  5. Kontact – integrated personal information manager for KDE

    kontact 10 useful personal information manager (free pim software) Kontact is a integrated personal information manager and groupware application suite specially designed for KDE. it has a intuitive drag-and-drop between appointment handling, task lists and contacts and also support various groupware servers. When using these servers your workgroup has access to features like shared email folders, group task lists, calendar sharing, central address books and meeting scheduling.

  6. Spicebird – cross platform personal information manager

    spicebird 10 useful personal information manager (free pim software) Spicebird is an open source email and collaboration suite which provides integrated access to e-mail, calendaring and instant messaging with intuitive user interface and integration. It runs on Windows and Linux and can connect to any standards based email and calendar server directly from Desktop. it’s an open source version of Synovel’s Desktop Client.

  7. EssentialPIM

    essentialPIM 10 useful personal information manager (free pim software) EssentialPIM is a simple personal information manager that help you to keep all your information in electronic form like appointments, tasks, to do lists, notes, contacts and email messages are stored in a graphical and easily accessible form. EssentialPIM is a fully Netbook compatible PIM where every user can easily Synchronize there data with Google Calendar and Contacts, Yahoo contacts, Outlook, Windows Mobile devices and Palm. it has very good looking color-coded scheduler where you can read daily, weekly and monthly schedules, even easily printout the daily, weekly, or monthly schedule; save as web page.

  8. SuperCool PIM

    SuperCool PIM 10 useful personal information manager (free pim software) SuperCool is a multi user personal information manager where every user has his own contact info, diary, note & plan and password protection. You can also create several database files for different needs and store them in different locations. It’s also possible to share your information with other users. All contact info can be previewed and printed in different styles. Built-in WYSIWYG editor allow you to edit diary and note & plan.

  9. Planner

    Planner is a free Personal Information Manager by John Wiegley. it specially use to manage your tasks, schedule, notes, and anything else you want to store in a plain-text hyperlinked personal information manager for Emacs. Because it’s in Emacs, user can easily tweaked Planner PIM to support your particular way of planning, and it can draw upon the data and functions you already have in Emacs.

  10. Palm Desktop pim organizer

    Palm Desktop is a free desktop personal information manager for Microsoft Windows or Mac OS/Mac OS X and can be used alone or in combination with a Palm OS personal digital assistant. it allow you to sync your Palm device with your computer, so your info is backed up and easily editable on your computer. Keep your information up to date wherever you are. When you sync, any changes you’ve made to Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Memos are automatically added to your computer or your Palm device.

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