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ArgentumInvoice – Open Source invoicing and project management tool

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ArgentumInvoice is an Open Source web based invoice creation and project management tool for managing projects easily and billing the time worked accordingly. It written in PHP and using the Kohana framework for operation. you can easily manage all your client information including billing, shipping and contact information with ArgentumInvoice.


it provide detailed time tracking for your clients’ projects and your organization’s users.. Also, create timesheets reports for every user.

At any point of the projects, ArgentumInvoice can create PDF invoices and email them to your clients. Even it also track the invoice due dates and payment statuses. With Built-in Multiple currency support, user can automatically convert all there invoices for multi-national clients.

Features of ArgentumInvoice

  • Client management
  • Easy Invoice Generation/Tracking
  • Support for Multiple currency
  • Time tracking/ management
  • Designed for easy extendability via modules

Visit: http://www.argentuminvoice.com/

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