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Eisenhower – Simple task management tool for Google Apps

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Eisenhower helps in better overall management of your system. You can opt for Eishenhower for effective task management and save time. Eishenhower is a simple task management tool for Google Applications. It’s uncomplicated design allows you to manage your tasks well without much effort. An Eisenhower task box allows you to decide on the urgency and importance of the tasks that are in queue. This software makes it really painless to arrange the tasks into proper sequence.

Eisenhower - task management tool

Eisenhower is accessible for Google Apps. It is presently in beta state. There are certain loopholes in this state which may result in loss of data. You will have to add Eisenhower directly to your Google Apps domain. Once your task has been arranged in proper order it will be clear to you which tasks to tackle next. This technique of self-prioritization of tasks results in smooth workflow. But Eisenhower makes it even more competent with its authoritative features like Drag&Drop, Keyboard shortcuts, Google Calendar integration, Date input with Calendar-Widget and Roadmap.

Since Eisenhower is in its beta state it comes free of cost. It gives effective results without burning a hole in your pocket. Eisenhower has an active support system for your assistance. You can send mails to them regarding your problems.

Eisenhower assigns each task to one of four colored classes according to its priority:

  1. Orange- Orange box fights daily fires and avoid tasks from entering this state.
  2. Yellow- Yellow box stores vital tasks that should be listed and then be handled.
  3. Blue – Blue box consists of tasks that are tackled when there are no urgent tasks to be tackled. They are otherwise passed on.
  4. Green- Green box stores unimportant tasks. You should consider deleting these from your task list

Features of Eisenhower

Eisenhower boasts of unique features which give you added advantage to get your job done easily.

  1. Drag&Drop– Eisenhower offers many constructive features, the most important of which is prioritizing tasks by Drag&Drop. There are four colored panels in the upper left corner of your task list. You can change the priority of a task in two ways. First, you can select a task by scrutinizing the check box right in front of it and then click one of the four colored panels. The second way, which is easier, you will have to simply drag the small colored panel in front of the task and drop it on one of the four big panels.
  2. Keyboard shortcuts– Based on your operating system and browser, Eisenhower presents a combination of shortcuts which are a combination of one of the keys Ctrl, Alt or Meta and any one of N, E, X, U, Y, + or – keys.
  3. Google Calendar Integration and Date input with Calendar Widget – This helps to create events in Google calendar. It allows simplified date and time input.
  4. Roadmap – Easy to associate Google Docs documents with your tasks, Collaboration on task lists and tasks, Delegating tasks to other users, Measuring time for tasks, Printing tasks and task lists.
  5. Easy to create task-related events in your Google Calendar
  6. Simplified date and time input.

In future Eisenhower is working to provide you some of the following features like collaboration on task lists and tasks, delegating tasks to other users, measuring time for tasks and printing tasks and task lists. The software is simple to use and is sure to give a satisfactory result.

Download : Eisenhower – task management tool for Google apps

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