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Ganttic – online project resource planning and scheduling calendar for schedule projects and people

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Ganttic is a online scheduler meant to organize projects, people routines, services and tools. It is capable of work as efficient project management tool.

Ganttic - online project resource planning and Schedule calendar

Ganttic can manage multiple projects of similar types unlike other conventional project management software. Its usability is very simple for non-technical people as well.

It also useful schedule calendar for project manager, architectural firms, rented trade, construction companies and also for HR executives. Ganttic offers basic drag and drop handling of files and documents.

Along with calendar organizational skills it give visual accessibility of the various projects simultaneously.

The main aspects of Ganttic include effective team routine set up, running rented business, administer and handle your various bookings, large and small project management and personal calendar requirement.

The most appealing feature of Ganttic is that it requires little time and low knowledge curve for using it.

Features of Ganttic

There are some distinctive features of Ganttic that makes it unusual and different from other schedulers. These features are:

  1. Ganttic provides you with a chart setting up analysis. All the details regarding the multi faceted data and documents associated with your project are put up on your screen in an elaborate chart form and thus help you get a visual planning view. It shows date, time, progress status, group divisions and individual contribution to the projects.
  2. You can integrate your text document with relevant task figures with just a simple drag and drop movement. Any sort of required that can be included into your schedule list and working project with this basic mouse movement. This makes your project management and enhancement lot more easy, effective and faster.
  3. Using Ganttic you can revise any of your documents very easily. For this revision method you just need to go through the same drag and drop move that was used initially. All you need to do is just replace your earlier figures and information with the new ones by dragging and dropping the new ones in place of the previous ones.
  4. An automated logbook is provided by Ganttic for all its users. Any comment or post by any member of your group is automatically saved in the logbook for further reference. You can add in your personal view in the logbook too. The logbook covers and updates all the changes that take place in your projects.
  5. You can navigate across vast range of information in a rapid pace. The navigation time can be customized by you in Ganttic. You can set the time duration you want to provide for navigation process.
  6. Ganttic manages a large number of projects at a time and it gives you an overview of all the projects’ planning and mechanism.
  7. You can share and discuss different ideas and functions with a large number of users. You can set particular functions to specific users too.
  8. It enables you to form special field areas to keep informed regarding project details like costs, managers and methods used.
  9. You can obtain Ganttic free of cost for 5 clients and 10 resources.

Download : Ganttic

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