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MyClientBase – Free web based invoice management system for freelancers

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MyClientBase is a Modular, easy to use, free web based client and invoice management system that specially designed for freelancers. The software built with Codeigniter PHP Framework and uses MySQL database backend.

MyClientBase – Free web based invoice management system

It provide simple, intuitive web based user interface that allow you to create invoices, view payments, invoice reports and effective client invoice data management.  The Dashboard will be displayed upon first logging in to MyClientBase. it contains a recent list of open and closed invoices, and other dashboard widgets from custom modules.

Features of MyClientBase

  1. Simple and easy way to Organize your clients : User can easily manage there client with simple and effective client data management system.
  2. Manage invoices : Invoices have never been easier to manage! Highly customizable options and features provide a powerful invoicing solution.
  3. Completely Web based invoice management system : Your data, your server. Install MyClientBase on your own server and keep your confidential information away from prying eyes.
  4. Stable Foundation : The Software written in PHP and on top of the excellent Codeigniter framework, MyClientBase has a proven and solid foundation. Built-in modularity gives developers a pathway to write custom modules.

Download : http://www.myclientbase.com/myclientbase/download

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