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Spicebird – Open Source Email and Mozilla-based collaboration suite

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Spicebird is an Open source Email and Collaboration Suite which provides integrated access to e-mail, calendaring and instant messaging in a single application and also easily connect to any standards based server directly from Desktop.

Spicebird - Open source Email and Collaboration Suite

It is built with an innovative tabbed user interface that shows recent messages, web feed items, an agenda, a calendar and a couple of clocks showing local and foreign times. Other tabs provide a complete email inbox, contacts list, and calendar.

it provides easy access to various web services while retaining all the advantages of a desktop application. The application is based on projects like Thunderbird, Lightning and Telepathy and adds more functionality and integration among its components.

User can use Spicebird for personal or Office use to access email, calendar information and various instant messaging accounts.

Features of Spicebird

  1. Access email from their service provider using POP/IMAP protocols
  2. Manage schedule using calendar and tasks applications
  3. Easy to Subscribe to others’ public calendars
  4. Read news/blogs using RSS subscriptions
  5. Manage contacts
  6. Chat with friends by using integrated various instant messenger.

Download : Spicebird Beta 0.7.1

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