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Simple yet powerful screenshot tool – Screenpresso

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Screenpresso is a simple yet powerful screen capture tool developed by LEARNPULSE which improves your Ctrl+Print function.

you can capture the entire screen or particular part of screen or window with various options like “including the cursor”, “automated resizing of them” or even “applying automated effects”.


It automatically save your screen shot and allows you to keep an history of the last 100 screenshots. Built-in image editor allow you to Crop, spotlight an area or comment parts of captured image very Efficiently. you can easily Drag and drop screenshots from history to any application that accept images to share with friends or you also share screenshots on Twitter thanks to Twitpic integration. it available only for Mac & Linux users.

Features of Screenpresso:

  1. capture the entire screen or particular part of screen or window
  2. Save screenshots in PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP formats
  3. One-click screen capture
  4. Capture Scrolling part thanks to stitching mechanism smart.
  5. Include cursor in your captures with a zoom factor
  6. Magnifying glass to capture with a one pixel precision
  7. Perform actions after taking screen shots : open the editor, open the history
  8. Automate resizing on every capture
  9. Send to Printer with auto fit option
  10. Vector-based editing
  11. Image effects : drop shadows, borders, reflections, color background
  12. Drawing tools : rectangle, ellipse, numbering
  13. Eliminating unwanted areas of screen captures : Crop
  14. Advanced resize options
  15. Ribbon-based menus
  16. No installation required
  17. Send to your favorite image editor in one click
  18. Store up to 100 screenshots sorted by date
  19. Automatic file naming
  20. Batch conversion of images : resizing and adding effects
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