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A.nnotate – annotation and collaboration tool

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A.nnotate is a simple online annotation, collaboration and indexing tool for document (Microsoft Office and PDF), images and web pages. With this tool, user can review online documents, annotate the web pages and images, collaborate and discuss them, create sticky notes online, PDF markup and indexing.

A.nnotate - annotation and collaboration tool

All you need to do just take a snapshot of your document, web pages or image and create simple read only copy. after that you can read, write or annotate that copy and share with your friends, colleagues and co-workers.

A.nnotate also offer hosting solutions for individuals, small groups as well as large groups. A free account of A.nnotate allow you to annotate 30 items per month, if you want to annotate more then 30 items, you need to subscribe their paid accounts.

Features of A.nnotate

  1. Easy to privately store your documents and notes.
  2. Online annotation
  3. Easy to Shared Documents and Folders with friends
  4. Indexes of all your documents and notes with searching and sorting by tag, author, note text etc…
  5. Get instant notification, when some one edit or change your shared folders and documents.
  6. Access all your annotated documents from anywhere

Download : A.nnotate

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