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Clean and Organize your windows Desktop with Arrange Your Desktop

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Arrange Your Desktop is a small windows application that specially designed to organize your files and folders based on file type or file extension on your desktop, so it look very clean and un-cluttered with folders and applications icons which is harder for you to manually organize.

Clean and Organize your windows Desktop with Arrange Your Desktop

Arrange your Desktop offer an simple yet elegant GUI that allows you to sort the documents and folders that reside on your screen, also It has some default settings available for organize Videos, pictures, Documents, Zip Files, RAR files and Programs Shortcuts into respective folders on clicking Arrange button.

Arrange Your Desktop

You need to select which filter you want to applied before start cleaning. you can also apply custom filter for any specific files, then you can specify it in the custom file type and also the folder name to which it needs to be moved.

It not only clean and organize your desktop but also clean and organize your documents folder, music or videos folder.

Features of Arrange Your Desktop

  1. Clean your Desktop instantly and organize them by file type or file extension.
  2. Helps to boost productivity.
  3. Highly Customizable
  4. Arrange any folder such as desktop, My Documents, music or videos folders
  5. Arrange to folder name of your choosing Pictures to “Marks Pics” Videos to “Ilan’s Videos” etc…
  6. Custom File type do you have uncommon files to arrange? No problem.

Download : Arrange your Desktop

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