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Buddi – free Personal finance and budgeting software

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Buddi is a renowned budgeting and personal finances program that you can use for management of your finances.

Managing finance can be a rather difficult task, and having a software program that assists in its management can be certainly helpful.

Personal budget software Buddi

In order to use the Buddi software product you simply have to download it from its official website.

The installation process is quite easy and you will also not have to pay any amount of money for using this software product. it’s an free Personal budgeting software released under GNU general public license.

The Buddi software product is one that aims at the management of budgets and accounts through its features. It is an fully featured open source software and has no disabled features.

There is also no time limit associate with the Buddi software. You will be able to run this software anytime and anywhere. Buddi is also available in many languages.

So if you wish to use this software in a language other than English you will be able to do so. A unique characteristic of this software product is that you will be able to modify it according to your convenience and also add new features if necessary.

Features of Buddi

  1. Java Swing based User interface
  2. Multilingual, multiplatform personal budgeting software
  3. Budget Categorisation in income and expenses.
  4. Record your Transactions
  5. Support for Budget Reports
  6. Tabbed user interface
  7. Support for 4 types of credit account such as cash, checking, investment and savings and 5 types of debit account such as credit card, liability, line of credit, loan and prepaid account.

Download : Buddi

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