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Build Mobile friendly Forms with Lanbito Mobile Form Builder

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Lanbito is yet another online form builder that allow people to create mobile friendly customizable forms that specially optimized for touch screen mobile devices and look and feel just like native form on iPhone, iPad, even Mac and PC.

Build Mobile friendly Forms with Lanbito Mobile Form Builder

it provide 12 different beautiful themes absolutely free, you just need to register with Lanbito Account or you can use your Google account credentials to register with Lanbito.

Lanbito use your Google Spreadsheet account to save your Form data, so you can easily and secularly access them at any time from anywhere.

it has it own URL shortener, anything you create through Lanbito online form builder can easily spread through Twitter, Facebook and directly from site to email. No need to go anywhere to create your own short URL.

Lanbito charge you as a pay-as-you-go basis, no need to pay monthly fees. it means first 100 entries per month are free. you need pay only for extra entries you uses after 100 free entries.

it also uses credit system, Every single successful form submission give you one credit.

Features of Lanbito Mobile Form Builder

  1. Create Mobile ready forms specially for touch screen mobile devices.
  2. Give you Desktop/Laptop look and feel
  3. iPhone and iPad look and feel
  4. light Form designer
  5. Unlimited free forms
  6. Unlimited free Fields per forms
  7. Pay as you Go! basis price charges for form entries.
  8. Easy to Design form on iPad
  9. custom URL shortener
  10. Collect geographic location
  11. Tap to make a phone call
  12. Free 12 unique beautiful Theme

Download : Lanbito

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