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Call Recorder for Skype – Skype Call Recording tool for Mac

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Call Recorder for Skype is an simple add on for Skype that help you to record all your Skype audio and video conversation and transform them into QuickTime movies.

Call Recorder for Skype - Skype Call Recording tool for Mac

it’s an ideal tool for students to learn lessons from recorded videos, interviewer to conduct online interviews and podcasts the Skype audio/video conversations. it work from system tray and automatically start recording your Skype conversation or you can manually start/stop/pause your recording.

Features of Call Recorder for Skype

  1. Skype Add-on for record your audio/video call conversation and convert them into MP3 formats
  2. Manually start/stop/pause, or record automatically.
  3. Record Skype Video Calls exactly as you see them on desktop with Picture-in-Picture or Split Screen Mode
  4. Convert your QuickTime movie into widely uses, space efficient and convenient MP3 formats to share your recording with others.
  5. Specially designed by Mac users for Mac Users
  6. Call Recorder takes advantage of several familiar technologies such as QuickTime, H.264 encoding and AAC audio.
  7. Uncompressed option for (HD) highest quality calls recording
  8. Use advanced compression technology to control file size and quality of recording.
  9. Free Trial version
  10. Annotate Skype Calls in Real-time to indicate important parts of your call with Chapter Markers
  11. Best call recording tool for interviews and remote reporting. Calls are even recorded with each side of the conversation on separate sound tracks, which makes for easy editing.

Download : Call Recorder for Skype

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