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FirstClass groupware platform for Education

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FirstClass groupware is a unique platform to boost up the communication and alliance resources for your business transactions and also for education.

FirstClass groupware platform for Education

It serves as a collaboration tools that connects different industrial and educational institutions over the internet.

These organizations can develop their connectivity; improve their cooperative skills and their communication methods online.

FirstClass is a reasonable yet user friendly communications device developed by the Open Text Solutions group. It provides solutions to educational organizations in a large scale.

FirstClass offers the opportunity to form online communities involving not only the students but the teaching faculty as well as the parents.

This helps you to get a clear and distinct view of your child’s educational growth. These communities are basically formed to aid communication and knowledge augmentation.

The FirstClass features are well developed to manage and handle business dealings and meet educational demands at the same time.

FirstClass has been created with many features that make its usability rather handy and relevant. Let us go through all the features that it has in store for you.

Features of Open Text FirstClass for Education

FirstClass has been created with many features that make its usability rather handy and relevant. Let us go through all the features that it has in store for you:

  1. FirstClass helps improve online communities by augmenting collaboration among students and teachers. The students get an educational environment on these online communities meant for learning. The students have secured access to instant messaging services and emails provided by FirstClass. These services are quite lucrative and useful. The messaging capability is quite powerful in FirstClass. It also offers online learning opportunities. E-learning is hugely supported by FirstClass. Professional e-learning courses can be carried on by many institutions.
  2. If you are FirstClass user then you will be equipped with a personalized desktop whenever you log in. this desktop gives you an outline of the applications you can use.
  3. FirstClass provides you with special spaces that are tagged as your workspace and your FirstClass conferences. These spaces are permit based and are meant to assist shared group discussions, mailing services, trainings, classroom interactions, project drop-boxes etc. the permits are used in order to allow only those people who are suitable to participate in discussions regarding wide array of topics on business or education.
  4. You can manage your arrangement and calendaring details using the FirstClass cooperative capabilities.
  5. There are useful communication applications that help you manage your personal as well as business contacts. It allows easy transfer of contact and mail lists.
  6. A special feature of archive savings is available in the FirstClass. It enables searches and saving of past and important messages. But this service can be accessed only by an official librarian having a specific ID and log in password.
  7. Education or business organizations can easily develop web pages and blogs as well.
  8. It also offers portable storage of files which you can access from any sort of computer tools.
  9. It has organizational capacities as well.
  10. Its installation, download and using process are very simple even for a new user.

To enhance your knowledge and dealing ways you can start up with downloading a free trial FirstClass for one month.

Download : FirstClass for Education

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