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8 free Microsoft excel alternatives software

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Excel is a proprietary commercial spreadsheet software designed and developed by Microsoft.

it’s an essential part of Microsoft Office Suite and use to create pivot tables, Calculation, charts but it come with hefty price tag for small businesses and individual users. Here is a 8 useful free Microsoft excel alternative.

  1. LibreOffice Calc

    LibreOffice Calc 8 free Microsoft excel alternative software

    LibreOffice Calc is a free spreadsheet alternative for Microsoft excel. it’s an spreadsheet component of LibreOffice Productivity Suite. User can easily open and save any spreadsheet in MS excel File Format with LibreOffice Calc. it also allow you to save your spreadsheet as PDF files. it provide support for wide range of other file formats such as CSV, HTML, Open document (ODF), SXC, DBF, DIF etc.. LibreOffice Calc also provide support for multi user editing, So you can do collaborative work on your spreadsheet with your colleagues. – LibreOffice Calc

  2. OpenOffice Calc

    OpenOffice Calc 8 free Microsoft excel alternative software

    Calc is a free spreadsheet software and part of free and open source productivity suite – OpenOffice. it’s an perfect free alternative software for Microsoft Excel that allow you to store, organise and analyse numerical information. OpenOffice Calc features is similar to LibreOffice Calc Features. – openoffice Calc

  3. Gnumeric

    Gnumeric 8 free Microsoft excel alternative software

    Gnumeric is a free spreadsheet program released under GNU general public license and become part of GNOME office suite. – Gnumeric

  4. NeoOffice

    NeoOffice 8 free Microsoft excel alternative software

    NeoOffice is a fully featured office set for Mac OS X. it’s truly a perfect Mac OS X version for OpenOffice.org, Support for Native Mac OS X text highlighting, file locking for local and networked volumes and Native floating tool windows. – NeoOffice

  5. EditGrid

    EditGrid 8 free Microsoft excel alternative software

    EditGrid is a online spreadsheet service that delivered data on demand via live data sources through spreadsheet functions. it’s an online spreadsheet service, so user can easily share, collaborate and publish their data instantly in real time. With EditGrid, user can import/export any spreadsheets from/to many popular spreadsheet file formats, including Microsoft Excel (.xls), OpenDocument (.ods), OpenOffice.org (.sxc), CSV (.csv), and many others. – EditGrid

  6. Sheetster

    Sheetster 8 free Microsoft excel alternative software

    Sheetster is a ad free cloud based open source spreadsheet program that help you to store your documents in any Database, CMS or File system of your choice also provide support for various Excel file format such as XLS, XLSX, MHTML, XML, PDF, CSV and many more. – Sheetster

  7. PlanMaker

    PlanMaker 8 free Microsoft excel alternative software

    Planmaker is a powerful spreadsheet program that not only create strong calculation functions but also create impressive charts from the final result. if you are existing Excel user and want to try PlanMaker, you don’t need to learn any special skills to use Planmaker. just install it and continue using all your Excel worksheets with PlanMaker. – PlanMaker

  8. SpreadsheetLIVE

    SpreadsheetLIVE 8 free Microsoft excel alternative software

    SpreadsheetLIVE is a fully featured browser-based, collaborative spreadsheet software that allow you create spreadsheet from scratch and access them from any computer , so user can easily collaborate their spreadsheet with other user in real time. – SpreadsheetLIVE

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