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Get Backup – Free Backup Software for Mac

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Your computer might have your whole fortune stored in it and in a single turn of events can destroy you.

Apart from it the data might also have important pictures of your precious moments your captured, music collection which might be rare and cannot be bought again, videos of your lovely moments, significant files and many other aspects.

Get Backup Free Backup Software for Mac

You can pretty much guess into what trouble you will fall if you lose all such important data of yours. Now the best and simply the easiest way to avoid this tragedy, is to back up all your important data.

Get Backup is a Free Backup Software for Mac users that elegantly combines a variety of backup features such as backup scheduling, disk cloning, compression tools and the capability of restoring archives are few of the very effectual features that Get Backup provide.

The most amazing fact is, you will be able to enjoy all these features at zero cost. The Get Backup software comes at a zero price tag. Apart from the unique features in also incorporates the other common features that other backup software’s have.

Apart from the common way of creating archives for initiating the backup process, Get backup offers you with the very effective feature which allows you to sync all your important files and folders in two completely different locations.

This would reduce your chances of losing your data via a hard drive crash or any manual errors. You may sync your files in two desktops or laptops or one desktop and one laptop. The choice is completely yours.

Features of Get Backup

  1. Create complete backup, versioned backups and incremental backups.
  2. The compression feature reduces the file size of the backup archives by 20-60%.
  3. The encryption feature allows you to protect your backup archives.
  4. (AES-256, AES-128, Triple DES and BlowFish) encryption.
  5. Directly copy the created archives in any external storages.
  6. Store the backup in mounted drive, counting USB, ATA, FireWire, SCSI, or even in network volumes.
  7. Facilitates auto-mounting on network volumes.
  8. The capability to generate multi quantity backups that enables you to write huge archives to manifold DVDs or CDs over and above it, you can speedily upload it to the servers through the Internet.
  9. Flexible arrangement enables to fully computerize the backing up process. It may be weekly, monthly or even daily.
  10. It enables you to generate multiple backups for the different schedules.
  11. Exclude the files from the backups by just selecting and deleting the required archives.
  12. Ability to restore any files into a desired location on requirement.
  13. Reinstate files with original permissions.
  14. Brief and thorough sorting of backup processes.
  15. The disk cloning feature allows you to make bootable backups.
  16. Any sort of disk can be cloned. Be it the system drive or any other external drive.

Now you can protect your all important data via this effective Get Backup software. It is absolutely free and is definitely a must try software.

Download : Get Backup – A Backup Software for Mac

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