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Remotely Control your Mac by clapping hands – iClapper Pro

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iClapper Pro is a Mac Apps that allow user to control their Mac operating system remotely by clapping your hands. it has multiple-stage algorithm and adjustable settings system that accurately capture the clapping behavior and follow the assign actions.

Remotely Control your Mac by clapping hands - iClapper ProAll you have to do set up iClapper by assigning any action to a certain number of recognized claps as well as to a combination of claps. The Action will be executed when you trigger it by clapping your hands. The most widely usable Actions is a shutdown your computer, you can set up an execution confirmation.

Remotely Control your Mac by clapping hands - iClapper Pro

Features of iClapper Pro

  1. Powerful tracking the input sound signal to recognize handclaps.
  2. Advanced calibration to fit your clapping and room acoustics.
  3. Adjustment of manual recognition parameters to best fit your surrounding environment.
  4. Several predefined actions to work with your screensaver and iTunes.
  5. Ability to create any custom AppleScript action.
  6. Two types of action triggers: multiple claps and clap combinations (multiple claps with pause between them).
  7. Ability to set up a confirmation for most irretrievable actions (such as shutting down your Mac).
  8. Input device selection.
  9. Growl notification support.
  10. Speech synthesizer notification support.
  11. Notifications by playing mnemonic sounds for best usability.
  12. First run calibration and tutorial.

Download : iClapper

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