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Indite – Online spatial text editor for Chrome

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Indite is a spatial text editor for Chrome that lets you create short blurbs of text and manage them using multiple sheets. it’s a online spatial text editor, so user can easily access them from any browser using your Indite user account.

Indite Online spatial text editor for Chrome

No need to save anything every time. Your data is always save instantly and automatically Accessible online. just you need to start typing text on Indite Sheet or paste them using Ctrl+V, To save your Short blurbs press control or ⌘+enter. User can create multiple sheet using the menu bar or using keyboard shortcuts.

Indite - Online spatial text editor for Chrome

For a list of commands and keyboard shortcuts simple type ? from the main screen. Here is few quick commands to format your text on indite Sheet.

  1. #text for using Heading 1
  2. ##text for Heading 2,3,4,5
  3. **text** to make a bold text
  4. _test_ use for italicized text
  5. -text Create unordered list (add a line break before the list)
  6. 1.text create ordered list
  7. >text for quoted text

it has some common features like undo/redo, resizing blurbs and moving them between layers. The main motive behind creating Indite is to help people write stuff, Manage your to-dos, scribbles and  notes.

Features of Indite

  1. Rich text formatting using Markdown
  2. Layers
  3. Combine your blurbs
  4. Undo the last selection
  5. Positioning Algorithms
  6. Share & Collaborate on a layer (Coming Soon)
  7. OpenID integration (Coming Soon)
  8. Access your data from anywhere (coming Soon)
  9. Custom CSS Editing (Coming Soon)

Download : Indite spatial text editor (Indite chrome App)

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