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Kablink Conferencing – open source online meeting software

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Kablink Conferencing is an open source online meeting and web conferencing software that simplifies the problems of arranging an urgent meeting with team members or important clients irrespective of the obstacle of time and place.

Kablink Conferencing - open source online meeting software

It allow your teams to conduct online meeting in a real time and see who’s online and start online meeting with them to improve your productivity between your teams. User can share their desktop screen , presentations, chat or even talk with other Kablink User in a conference call.

It’s an ideal tool to simplify your team works, Corporate decision making or any managerial set up. Using Kablink Conferencing you can set up a network with all your co-workers and put up significant and important conferences and discussions regarding your project.

The software include audio, chat, whiteboard, desktop-sharing, and presentations tool for making your online meeting more productive, like you are searching for document in your document repository but not understand the some part of the document.

so you can start Kablink Conferencing and see whether or not the document author is online, if he is online you can start online meeting with document author based on the document you’ve found.

Also you can use whiteboard to point out the relevant part of the document which you can’t understand. all thus process done in real time.

it’s an perfect open source Alternative software to real time online meeting software like WebEx or AimPro.

Features of Kablink Conferencing

  1. Kablink Conferencing provides you with techniques to conduct vital meetings online via teleconferencing or video conferencing means which do not involve any special software support.
  2. Kablink Conferencing 2.0 has a special feature of “Madden Mode” using which you can retrieve or collect any data from Microsoft or OpenOffice for sharing it with all the people involved in your meeting.
  3. There are special applications within Kablink Conferencing which not only makes your meetings lucid but also increases its productivity. Kablink Conferencing offers you options for whiteboards where you can discuss and even argue on ideas and discuss agendas face to face using video conferencing.
  4. You can form multiple interactive pages of whiteboard for all your co workers so that they can work from home as well.
  5. Accurate records of all your meetings, discussions and agreements are maintained using Adobe Flash Player and information regarding those details is sent to all team members to avoid any uncertainty or lack of adequate information regarding the project among co-workers.
  6. Kablink Conferencing helps you keep a track of all the available team mates and accordingly arrange and conduct a meeting. You can also be aware of all the activities and interactions taking place among all your group members.
  7. It also makes your collaboration means with your clients and executives an elementary task.
  8. Download options of Kablink Conferencing does not include any cost payment.

Download : Kablink Conferencing

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