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Kashoo – Simple online accounting software for freelancers

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Kashoo is a online accounting software that provides very effective solutions for small business which helps the users in an easy management of their business income and expenses.

Kashoo accounting

On the principal of accounts this entire system has been designed to remain at par with the business finances, thereby providing an effective and efficient way of handling them without the need to pay any professional for that.

With the aid of simple fields of data entry Kashoo enables its users to enter their invoicing details as well as their income. Exchange rates are downloaded automatically along-with the effective handling of multiple currencies.

Even the statements of the banks are uploaded to Kashoo that simultaneously enables the entry of information at a considerable reduced time.

Users are also free to create financial reports as well as online invoices and they are also free to invite as many multiple users as they want to edit and view the information that enables the right of all the people to access.

The year 2008 marks the erection of the Clarity Accounting by the Habitsoft Inc. In the year 2007 Habitsoft was organized.

In spite of beginning as a customized developer of software it later moved on and joined the web applications termed as SAAS that was developed for small businesses.

In the year 2010 Clarity Accounting was renamed as Kashoo. The features that are provided by this software is very easy to use, although it provides a very long list of features

Most of the owners of business run with the fear of their quality of accounting aspect as they do not have the support of budget to engage a professional.

A great deal of time is saved by Kashoo that enables business owners to manage their expenses with the use of this intuitive system.

A white and blue color scheme is provided by the website of Kashoo that is pretty intuitive and appealing.

Features of Kashoo Accounting

  1. Save Time : Through the use of books Kashoo users are able to save 5-10 hours in every month doing their books. Thus it is very effective in saving your precious time.
  2. Kashoo + FreshBooks = Success : Importation of the data of your FreshBooks is easily possible into the Kashoo so that it will provide any easy management of all the finances of yours in one single place.
  3. Truly Global : Kashoo is being by several organizations for over 56 countries in the whole world. Kashoo enables the invoicing of multi-currency as well as it informs you regarding the impact of the exchange rate immediately.
  4. Private, Secure and Reliable : Data encryption is much secured. Password protection is also provided. Regular backups are also provided. Redundant servers are also enabled. Exportation of data is also allowed.

Kashoo is appreciated all the managers and owners of small business. This application is not only affordable but also offers very simple tools with which you can work very easily. There is absolutely no need to learn any financial background for using this application.

Download : Kashoo Accounting

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