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Mount iPhone as a real Mac OS Hard disk with Phone Disk

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PhoneDisk is a tiny software for Mac that allow you to mount any iOS devices like iPhone, iPod, iPad and iTouch as a Real Mac OS hard Disk. When you install PhoneDisk apps on your Mac, it will run from Menu Bar or from system tray of your Mac and search for connected iOS devices.

phonedisk iPad, iTouch, iPhone Disk Mode for Mac and PC

When it finds an iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad connection with your Mac, it will automatically mount your iPhone, iPod touch as a real hard disk on your Mac OS X, so you can directly access all your iPhone files by using Windows Explorer, Finder and other programs.

Features of PhoneDisk

  1. Open, copy and save images, documents and many more directly from computer Desktop.
  2. Browse your iPhone directly from Finder and Windows Explorer.
  3. Fully integrated with Mac OS and Windows
  4. Easy to mount multiple iPhones and iPod Touches simultaneously
  5. No need to Jailbreak your device, it’s clean and simple application that run from system tray of your Mac without slow down your computer.
  6. Work perfectly with Images. give you thumbnail preview for every images you have on your iPhone, so need to open new files every time.
  7. Phone Disk works with all iPhones, iPod Touches, and even iPad version

Download : Phone Disk

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