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Ninite installer – Install or Update multiple software at once

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Ninite is a fully automated software installer for windows and Linux. User can easily select the multiple software they want to install and Ninite will group them all these software into a tiny installer. It’ a free software installer, so no need to register or create account to use Ninite installer.

Ninite installer - Install or Update multiple software at once

Ninite installer is a completely spam free and Toolbar free. it’s say no to any useless toolbars and other junky software. All your software secularly installed without any problem and also monitor by Ninito installer, whenever new updates available for any software it will automatically downloaded and install them. So your software always up-to-date with latest version. Ninito offer very limited software category as compare to Allmyapps installer.

Features of Ninite

  1. Fully Automated software installer
  2. Install software from various category such as Web browser, Messaging, Media, Runtimes Player, image editors, Documents editors, Security apps, File sharing apps, Tools for online storage, Utilities, Compression and developer tools.
  3. No useless toolbars and junky apps
  4. Software always up-to-date with latest version no matter when you made it.
  5. No need to sign up or create a account to use Ninite installer
  6. Available for all types of computers such as 32 and 64 bit.
  7. internationalization
  8. Faster for business
  9. Compatible with all types RMMs such as Kaseya, Labtech, Level Platforms, KACE, GFI, Naverisk, and more.
  10. Support for Offline Mode

Download : Ninite installer

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