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Notepub online note taking apps with real time update

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Notepub is a online notepad with real-time update or you can say open purpose wiki without markup language where user can create their notes by using external images, Files, links and Tags.

Notepub online note taking apps

it provide real time sharing and searching of your notes and emails with read/write permissions set for each and every notes and user names.

User can control the access to the notes by making them Public or Private. All your private data secularly encrypt and stored online on Notepub server. you can take backup of your notes and edit them offline.

Features of Notepub – online note taking apps

  1. Create public notes and share with friends.
  2. Use external pictures, text, links to create your Notes.
  3. Easy to Create To-do Lists
  4. Encrypt private data. Back up and edit offline.
  5. Receive Email notification only from people you selected
  6. Encrypt private Data before you send to Notepub server.
  7. Simple Drug and drop User interface to include external content from other sites or upload multiple images and files at a time.
  8. Make private and public notes
  9. Get Real time search and updates
  10. Share and collaborate with friend on notes.

Download : NotePub

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