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Pligus – Real time collaboration and communication tool for group of people

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Pligus has been developed as a Real time collaboration and communication tool for teamwork or a collective group of people.

pligus web conferencing tool

It offer virtual rooms which are as dynamic and interactive as real ones. Pligus cuts down your travel expenses and enables you and your team mates to work together from any part of the world at any time they want to.

Pligus has been created basically to overcome the problems of communication among a group of people working on a specific project. All the required work processes in a project can be dealt with altogether using pligus.

Editing different texts, documents, pictures, maps and drawings is made a lot simpler and faster as it is done with a shared basis and every team member can work simultaneously on it.

With pligus you can also share your Desktop screen, Presentations, photos, programs, sites, graphics within your team and work together collaboratively.

For experiencing all the benefits provided by pligus all you need is communication through a webcam, microphone and direct messaging services.

Features of Pligus

Pligus helps your work to get enhanced and accelerates your work pace using its exciting features. These include:

  1. Pligus gives you the opportunity to interact directly with your clients or put up meetings with your colleagues through video conferencing. For a successful and clear video conference all you need to do is put on your individual webcams and hence communication becomes easier. Direct visual and audio interaction has a much greater impact than sending messages through mails.
  2. Using pligus you can avail the feature of screen share. It means that in pligus you can put up your work screen for viewing of all your team mates. Hence, you can maintain a clear idea of every single detail regarding your project and each of your team member’s process. All your colleagues will view whatever you are viewing be it presentations, slides, photos, graphics etc.
  3. The joint Whiteboard gives you the scope to discuss matters, elaborately go through project details and form and develop different ideas collaboratively in pligus.
  4. The Whiteboard is also used to upload every picture and observation on it, for all.
  5. This opens up great potential for designers, engineers, planners, etc. Every person can team up with you really fast.
  6. Using pligus you can collaborate with your team members to Compose a text together in real time.
  7. The newly created text will be saved automatically. You can also take a print out or even download the text.
  8. You are provided with a map that is used as a shared search engine.
  9. The audio conference option is handy enough for a productive interaction. For that you only need a microphone and you can start up with your conference instantly.
  10. There is also the basic chat option in pligus by which you can share links for photos, texts etc..

Download : pligus

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