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ProBoards – Free Forums and Message Boards hosting service

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ProBoards is regarded as the leading free forum hosting service available on online. It provides you with the most excellent online public forums along with efficient client service to enhance your network community.

ProBoards - free forum hosting

Using ProBoards you can create and develop your own community and carry on with a thriving social community. You are enabled to communicate with the huge number of people associated with ProBoards every single month.

ProBoards is the biggest online free forum hosting provider that has been in the reckoning for the last 10 years. Its apt characteristics make it very popular among community holders.

ProBoards gives you the liberty to customize your forum according to your preferences. It offers you plenty of service and category options, content topics and also post related issues.

You do not need to be an expert to use ProBoards as it is tenuously hosted other than being completely free. Due to full bandwidth support there are no adequate payments involved in ProBoards usage.

If you need to add some information to your topic then using ProBoards you can directly attach files as posts.

Features of ProBoards

  1. ProBoards is specially developed with handy posting options. It has a BB Code system which helps you customize your Post. A special formatting toolbar for insertion of BB Code into posts, quoting option used for message replies, preview option for posting, attachment options, thumbnails for image viewing, conducted polls and votes, instant reply, embedding options of YouTube, icons for messaging and overflow control of public posts and information.
  2. You can use its advanced forum search, new topic suggestions, community sharing, forum records, personal archives and calendars, forum records of public viewing and sharing, online chat, and every kind of information is efficiently managed by ProBoards. It not only maintains a detailed of all the activities and information existing in your community but organizes them too. Thus the forum support in ProBoards is completely accurate and proficient.
  3. ProBoards administrative services are very well-organized and fruitful. It manages categories, boards, banning process that include email, IP or Username Bans, also customization methods, search methods, logging procedures, alert systems, forum statistical matters, users and group user queries and operating process, customized HTML, JavaScript or CSS, password based logins and users, security logs, personal and forum messaging system, suppressed words and marked names, mass mailing methods, forum trim and overall mass management too.
  4. Registration process in ProBoards is very simple that includes confirmation of age and CAPTCHA Visual, verification of email and alternative staff, and also a community registration.
  5. The members of ProBoards enjoy great services that include user preferred formats, bookmarks, management and notification of bookmarks, user signs and avatars, personalized text formats, ranking methods among users, contact display, personal profiles, maintaining user groups, customized outlook, organized listing of members and the most updated posts.
  6. There are certain features in ProBoards that require fee payment that include free ads, domain name selection, modification of community URL and applications into your iPhone.

Download : ProBoards

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