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Site24x7 – server and website monitoring service

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Site24x7 is a website monitoring, server monitoring and web application monitoring service that help you to monitor web server, websites performance , web applications, DNS, mail servers, networks and other TCP ports from up to 30+ different geographical locations worldwide.


While working on a project you can examine the performance and usability problems with web pages to improve your user experience.

Using Site 24×7 you can Troubleshoot any unplanned downtime quickly with instant notifications provided to you by Site 24×7 via SMS, Twitter, Email and RSS feeds.

With Site 24×7 you can check and ensure that your websites, web servers and web application are in ideal condition to run and function accurately all over the globe.

Site 24×7 gives you the scope to supervise your servers without being present at the same location of the server.

Thus, you can keep a close watch on your servers from more than 30 diverse geological locations universally and get useful detail information about your website and server performance by providing detail website monitoring reports.

Site24x7 not only monitor web server and websites but also monitor FTP Server, Ping server , SSL certificate expiration,  Email protocols such as POP3, SMTP, IMAP server, DNS server and many other TCP connect ports.

Features of Site24x7

  1. Website Availability and performance Monitoring
  2. Provide support for various types of Reporting such as Summary report, Response time report, Log Report, Downtime and uptime report, Outage report, SLA and Root cause analysis report, etc…
  3. User can easily export report into various format such as PDF, CSV and many more.
  4. Receive Instant notification about server downtime via SMS, Twitter, Email and RSS feeds.
  5. easy to use, simple, user friendly Dashboard with inbuilt Microsoft SharePoint.
  6. Provide Location based availability view on dashboard.
  7. SLA management to improve your ROI and help you to grow your business.
  8. Support for Multi user management.
  9. Granular authentication
  10. Multilingual support
  11. Global website monitoring network with more then 30 different geographical locations worldwide.
  12. Provide support all major mobile operating system and mobile web browser.

Download : Site24x7

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