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Skype Alternative – Top 5 Skype Alternatives Tools

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If you searching for Best Skype alternative App. then this article may be useful for you.  Skype is a Voice over IP (VoIP) tool that allow user to make voice and video calls and chats over the web. it also very popular for its additional features which provide instant messaging, file transfer, and video conferencing.

This is why Skype has become such an important and favorite business tool as it helps companies save money on web conferencing. Here top 5 Skype Alternatives Tools for easy VoIP and video conferencing.

Top 5 Skype Alternatives Tools

  1. Google Hangout – Skype alternative

    skype alternative - Google Hangout

    Google Hangout is a new Group Video chat service or you can say unique video conferencing tool by Google. it is one of the most interesting and Skype killing Feature of Google+ Project. User can conduct video conferencing or Video chat with up to 10 people at time without using any other software. Only your Webcam and your PC are required to start Google Hangout. One of the best part of the Google Hangout is it automatically figuring out which person is talking and focusing the video stream on them until someone else takes over. Google Hangout

  2. ooVoo – Skype VoIP alternatives

    skype alternative - oovoo

    ooVoo is a free social video chat and HD video conferencing tool for all types of platforms like Windows, Mac and Mobile platform. User can conduct live face to face group video chat with up to 12 people at time on PC, Mac, iPhone and Android. It also allow you to record and send video messages to group members. Even user can easily upload video calls to YouTube. ooVoo

  3. iChat – Skype Alternative tool for Mac

    skype alternative - iChat

    iChat is an perfect alternative tool for Skype on Mac Platform. It’s an instant messaging application for Mac that allow you to stay in touch with your friends and family using text and video Chat. Basically iChat Use built in Face Time features for Mac or iSight camera and Microphone for video Chat. User can easily chat with just one person or make it a group chat by starting a multiway chat. iChat

  4. TinyChat – Free Live Video chat Rooms

    skype alternative - tinychat

    TinyChat is an easy to use, free live video communication platform or you can say in simple word video chat rooms. It’s an fully customizable video chat room, so user can easily implement anywhere such as blogs or magazines as you give your readers the option to react instantly, face to face. Tinychat Video chat

  5. VBuzzer Massager

    VBuzzer Massager is a VoIP and instant messaging software based on open protocols of XMPP (for instant messaging) and Session Initiation Protocol (for voice over IP). VBuzzer is an perfect alternative tool for Skype, Yahoo! Voice as well as other open standard based VoIP software. it offer free basic PC-PC, Phone-to-PC calling service as well as a paid PC-Phone services. it allow Text, voice and video conferencing within a your web browser. Share ideas, present products or discuss business with people or Collaborate with anyone around the globe instantly online. vbuzzer

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