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SnapPea for windows – Manage Android smartphone from your PC

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if your are Android mobile user and want to manage all your android files, folders and Apps directly from the PC. SnapPea is a ideal solution for that.

SnapPea is a free window application that allow you to access your android devices from your PC and manage all files, folders, contacts, music, apps and pictures from the comfort of your Windows desktop.


With SnapPea, User can also download unlimited Android apps directly from Google Play to your desktop for your android. All apps download to your desktop, so no need to worry about Mobile Data Plan.

SnapPea for windows - Manage Android smartphone from your PC

it has simple yet easy to use User interface which automatically detect your phone when you connect your mobile to this apps and install required drives to work smoothly with your phones.

once connected, you can easily access to your android files and folders, easily view, edit and transfer them to your desktop, also export them to various formats.

User can also send Text messages directly from computer without touching to your phone and receive notifications, when new message arrive to your message box.

Features of SnapPea for windows

  1. Download Apps for free
  2. Save your Mobile Data Plan by downloading apps to your Desktop
  3. Send Text messages from your computer and get instant notification when receive new message
  4. Easily Import your iTunes music to your android phone
  5. Manage Your Android from Desktop
  6. Auto-connect over Wi-Fi

Download : SnapPea for Windows (Android Apps)

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