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Turn your Windows 7 PC into Wi-Fi Hotspot with Maryfi

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Maryfi is a free software based Wi-Fi router for windows 7 computer that turn your windows 7 desktop into Wi-Fi hotspot. With Maryfi, User can easily share any Internet connection like cable modem, cellular card connection , or even another Wi-Fi network with other Wi-Fi enabled devices including smart phones, laptops, music players, and gaming systems.

Turn your Windows 7 PC into Wi-Fi Hotspot with Maryfi

All these devices wirelessly connected with Maryfi via Wi-Fi.  it means they can easily search, access and join your Maryfi Wi-Fi hotspot just like any other Wi-Fi access point. no need to install or use any other hardware, wires or software’s to create Wi-Fi hotspot.

Turn your Windows 7 PC into Wi-Fi Hotspot with Maryfi

It uses password-protected WPA2 Encryption to secure and safe your Wi-Fi connection between two devices. maryfi work as repeater for your home router that extend your modem range and provide internet access wherever you need it.

Just connect your device to your home network. apply sharing settings between home network and your devices, enter your Wi-Fi username and password and start accessing your Wi-Fi internet via Maryfi hotspot.

if you run your Maryfi from other places , User can easily control any Wi-Fi enabled devices such as Eye-Fi cards or wireless printer without any additional configuration. if you don’t have internet connection or your computer work under offline Mode, you can still run a Maryfi hotspot on your desktop to wirelessly access your files and folders on your network. user can also easily play LAN Games on your Wi-Fi network with others.

Download : Maryfi software Wi-Fi router

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