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watchitoo – Real time multistreaming collaboration platform

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watchitoo is a Real time multistreaming collaboration platform that allow up to 25 people at time can conduct online meeting or collaborate in a virtual video conference environment with any types of rich media such as PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, HD Videos and Images and many more from anywhere at anytime via a Webcam.

watchitoo - Real time multistreaming collaboration platform

it also give you opportunity to broadcast your rich media presentation and video collaboration to your audience in real time.

it’s an ideal tool for people who organize live shows, Online lectures and business presentation in real time, so User can directly interact with any viewer of their audience and answer their questions while other viewer following them in real time.

With watchitoo any viewer from your audience become a participant member of meeting and any participant member of meeting switched back to a general viewer.

if you have your own website, forum or any other community platform you can easily integrate your Watchitoo collaboration platform into your websites to enhance your community engagement in your product.

A customization controls of watchitoo platform allow you to customize the video player’s size, background, layout and many more. it also help your audience to register for your next online Meeting without leaving your webpage.

Features of watchitoo

  1. Easy to make your online meeting or virtual video conferencing public or private, so only you selected people can join the meeting session.
  2. Multisteaming collaboration up to 25 people at a time collaborate with each other and share any form of rich media.
  3. Embed your live event into your website so that thousands of people can view your meetings.
  4. Highly Customizable user interface
  5. Share any kind of rich media like PDFs, PowerPoints, pictures, HD movies, Docs, and more into your meeting.
  6. Live Event Panel
  7. HD video conferencing
  8. Easy to record complete online meeting Session.
  9. Watchitoo Audio Bridge
  10. Watchitoo’s analytics to monitor your audience and meeting participants.

Download : Watchitoo

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