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Wingram – Windows 8 App for Instagram

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Wingram is a instagram viewer for windows 8. it’s an simple windows 8 App for instagram that offer you latest updates from your instagram feed while on the go. Once you installed apps on your windows 8 start screen, it show you login box for instagram Authentication you need to enter your user id and password to access your instagram account from windows 8 desktop.

Wingram - Windows 8 App for Instagram 1

Wingram - Windows 8 App for Instagram

Wingram uses modern UI of windows 8 to show your instagram feed and images, All your instagram feeds and popular items will show on FrontPage of app. Right click on any profile will select the profile and show you their images, followers and following peoples.

Wingram - Windows 8 App for Instagram 3

Wingram - Windows 8 App for Instagram 4

Wingram - Windows 8 App for Instagram 2

User can also view and post comments, Messages and likes on any pictures. Apart from this, Here is few features offer by Wingram.

Features of Wingram

  1. it show you the personal and popular feeds
  2. Easy to View complete User profile, recent feeds, follower & following
  3. Post Messages, comments & Likes on feeds
  4. Search your User
  5. Pin user profile on Windows Start Screen
  6. Share Instagram images (w/ link shortener)
  7. Save Instagram images on your PC
  8. Live Tile (Periodic update with latest 5 feeds)
  9. Badge update with lock screen notification (Periodic update)
  10. Easy to Follow/Unfollow Users from windows 8 desktop

Download : WinGram instagram for windows 8

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