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WordPress Tutorial – how to make a "Back to Top" Link in WordPress Page or Post

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In this wordpress tutorial author "mcbuzzvideo" show you how to make a "back to Top" Link in WordPress Page or Post. it’s a advanced version of tutorial where Author use text editing software and FTP software to download and add HTML code to the header.php file in a WordPress theme. Once you add the HTML code to the header.php file, you can use the Code editing window in the WordPress Dashboard to insert a "Back to Top" link on any page or post. The advanced "Back to Top" link is superior to the "easy" "Back to Top" link covered in an earlier tutorial of mcbuzzvideo because it takes you to the top of the page much faster. A faster site provides a better user experience.

Youtube Tutorial by : Mark McLaren of McBuzz Communications, you can subscribe his youtube Channel to get more advanced wordpress tutorials.. mcbuzzvideo Youtube Channel

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