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Building Scalable php applications – Presentation

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Presentation about Building Scalable php applications.Author George Schlossnagle given nice presentation about how to build Scalable php applications. Here is some Topic author discuss in this presentation.

  • What is Scalability Systemwide Metrics Ability to accept increased traffic in a graceful and controlled manner Efficient delivery of content and services.
  • Why Performance Is Important to You Efficient resource utilization More satisfying user experience Easier to manage
  • Why PHP (or: Shouldn’t we be using Java for this?) PHP is a completely runtime language
  • Knowing When To Start Premature optimization
  • Knowing When to Stop Optimizations get exponentially more expensive as they are accrued
  • No Fast = True Optimization takes work
  • Ahmdal’s Law Network T ransfer Mysql Object Overhead 250.0 187.5 125.0 62.5 0 Improve Object Overhead Improve Mysql Initial by 1000% by 20%
  • A Lesson From Open Source
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