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Loki – free Semantic WYSIWYG XHTML editor

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if you looking for free Semantic and standards focused XHTML editor for editing your semantic websites then this editor will really helpful for you. Loki is a free Semantic and standards focused in-browser WYSIWYG editor for semantic HTML. it will transform any textarea entry into a WYSIWYG XHTML editor.

it is totally different from other open source browser-based WYSIWYG editors. it mainly focus on web standards compliance and in its encouragement of semantic markup.

Loki - free Semantic WYSIWYG XHTML editor

Features of Loki

  1. Semantic XHTML output
  2. No deprecated elements
  3. Uses RSS to integrate with your content management system or blog software
  4. Modular JavaScript enables extensibility
  5. Support for Gecko-based browsers (Firefox) and Internet Explorer
  6. Free and open source project released under GNU Lesser General Public License.

Download : loki-2.0.4.tar.bz2
Demo : Loki Editor Demo

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