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Create Html Maps with X-Map Html Map Editor

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X-map is a Free Html Map Editor that offer easy-to-use WYSIWYG editing of HTML image maps without any writing code.The Xmap Html Map Editor features a New Map Wizard, Browser previews, WYSIWYG editor, a source code viewer, Zoom,Dynamic Selection, Dragging/Resizing, Print support, Grid Lines, Snap To Grid and many more.

Create Html Maps with X-Map

X-map offers easy-to-use WYSIWYG editing of image maps. Choose from three different shape methods for mapping those hard-to-reach spots (circle, rectangle and polygon).

An image map is a single graphic image that allows users to access different web pages by clicking on different areas of the graphic image. Using image maps can be a creative way of showing how to navigate your web site.

Download : X-map free html map editor

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